About Us

Visual Heights is ALWAYS open.

The Internet never rests - why should we? We are a true 24/7/365 company. Contact support at 4 a.m. on Christmas Day, you will get a rapid reply - and from someone who wasn't asleep seconds before. Visual Heights isn't a massive corporation, but we always assure that our elite customer service team is there for you at any given time, on any day of the year.

We're affordable.
Since we own all of our hardware we are able to keep our costs down and are gladly willing to pass these savings on to our customers. We have always strived to be as affordable as possible without sacrificing anything.

Hands-on Server People
Most web hosts are resellers for other hosts. A large number of others rent their hosting machines from other providers. Others still, pay to keep their servers in other people's data centers. When that unlikely crisis of a server freeze-up occurs at 11 pm, and our APC remote power tool fails - that person at your server in minutes wears a Visual Heights Hosting Solutions polo (. . . or at least owns one).

Powerful Quad Core Servers
Using Single and Dual Processor Quad Core Intel Xeon servers in all of our shared, reseller, and VPS hosting, we are able to virtually eliminate even the possibility of a hardware slowdown. We limit the number of accounts on a single machine to ensure that resource usage is very and abundant for everyone, with plenty of processing power, memory, and disk space available at any given time.

We Fear no Amount of Traffic
Did you know that even the smallest website published on the main page of Digg.com often takes multiple servers to keep online? Did you know that most web hosts aren't equipped to handle a website with that requirement?? Visual Heights' network is set up for instant load-balancing / server clustering (the solution to such problems), because we understand that your needs can change that fast. We're planning ahead for your website, even when you're not - so go ahead and get famous. We'll be ready.

A Super-Serious Data Center
Visual Heights' web hosting facility is a true mission-critical data center. Redundant Uninterruptable Power Systems and Diesel Generators protect your uptime from the most riveting blackout. While your home Internet speed is measured in Kilobits per Second, ours is measured in 10's of Gigabits per Second through diverse direct connections to PacketExchange (formerly Mzima), nLayer, and XO (proof / proof) on a Cisco and Brocade network capable of over 1Tbps of router backplane capacity! We Flex to Meet Your Needs Ever felt like you're just a number in your web hosts' system? Visual Heights is among one of the most flexible hosts on the web, and we're here to work with you. Need proof? In June of 2006, Novell, Inc. recognized Visual Heights for being the first major web host to implement their innovative solution which brings ASP.NET to Linux web hosting (Mono), so that our open-source enthusiast community could develop in ways never before possible, without the high costs of Windows hosting. We support Mono still today, and continue to innovate to meet our client's ever-changing demands with each day. Serious Security No server on the internet is 100% safe, but ours are among the safest. Visual Heights servers have several layers of tough security. For you IT buffs - that includes the APF Firewall (built upon iptables), and heavily custom mod_security and mod_dosevasive modules on the web server layer. These tools run from a special hardened Linux kernel based upon Red Hat Enterprise Server on the operating system layer. Your data is then stored via recurring internal backups over our Cisco and Brocade internal network, nestled snugly behind dDoS-protection technology against TCP SYN Flood and Smurf Attacks. Simply put, your website is safe with us.

A Sparkling History
Visual Heights' roots run back to 1995 from the transition of our previous alias (WEBXCentrics). Our spotless reputation and steady growth record should serve as powerful evidence that we are here to stay.

No Risks
We stand by our service so you don't have to. Visual Heights honors a 45 day money-back guarantee, as well as a 99.9% uptime service level agreement on all of our web hosting services, so you can set your mind at ease. In an industry polluted with terrible web hosts and scandalous fly-by-night scams - our reputation and our policies show that we stand by our service 100%.

Our Customers Matter
Visual Heights is a true client-centric company- and always actively gathering client input to further improve the quality of service that we offer. Our services are truly shaped to meet our clients' ever-changing needs, and in recognition of this, we'll leave it up to them to provide you their own list of additional reasons to choose Visual Heights.