Visual Heights Internet Technologies provides hosting for all our clients on state of the art Dell Servers. We currently have multiple servers online, one exclusively for email hosting and the others exclusively for web site development and deployment. We partner with one of the top Internet Hosting companies in the world with the highest level of support available anywhere.

Network Topology
Our Partner maintains an unparalleled, 99% available network. The Partner network is a state-of-the-art purpose-built hosting environment. Our network topology includes:

  • Multiple long haul Gigabit Ethernet providers
  • Multi-homed, diverse fiber connections
  • Cisco 6500 border routing
  • Cisco 6500 core switching
  • Cisco 2960 dual GigaBit fed leaf switching
  • Dell and Supermicro servers
  • 100% Intel processors

Our Partner has designed, built and maintains their own datacenters. Each data center is fully redundant and fault tolerant. Key features of our datacenters include:

  • High level physical and virtual security
  • N+1 fully redundant power and HVAC
  • Multiple diesel generators tested weekly
  • Redundant core routing
  • FM-200 gas fire suppression
  • Multiple Tier 1 fiber providers
  • Physically diverse fiber conduits